Quickly fill call-offs and vacant shifts.

No more calls. Not even for last-minute staffing. Let our AI call your off-duty staff.

Quickly fill call-offs and vacant shifts.

Your messages.

Type your message, our AI will read it during the call.

Your time.

Spend your time off the phone.

Your off-duty staff.

A simpler, smarter way to reach your off-duty staff.

Sign up in as little as a minute.

Let us make your next call right away, just type your message and let us do the rest.

Tap to see your summary.

See your summary for the number of calls made by our AI, number of staff that picked up, how many callbacks the AI made and who claimed the spot.

Hundreds of calls in 1 minute.

Need last-minute staffing? Allow us to make any number of calls simultaneously. We'll let you know as soon as staff claims a spot.

Pricing & Plan

Save your time. Quickly fill call-offs and vacant shifts. Let our AI call your off-duty staff.


$5 /mo

10 calls
  • 50 cents per call
  • 10 contacts
  • Additional calls 50 cents/call
  • Email support
  • Chat support


$100 /mo

250 calls
  • 40 cents per call
  • 200 contacts
  • Additional calls 30 cents/call
  • Email support
  • Chat support
  • 24/7 support


Contact us

Unlimited calls
  • 10 cents per call
  • 10,000 contacts
  • Additional calls 5 cents/call
  • 24/7 support

Frequently Asked Questions

I need a last-minute replacement. Can I make multiple calls at the same time?

Yes. You can make as many calls at the same time as you want. Just pick all the contacts you want to reach, and we'll make sure to call all of them at the same time.

Can I schedule or delay a call?

Yes. In addition to letting us call immediately. You can both delay a call (up to 15 minutes) or schedule it for a specific date and time.

What if I reach my plan's call limit?

If you reach your plan's limit for a month, you're always able to purchase additional calls in batches. The price for 10 more calls is $5 for "Starter" and 50 more calls is $15 for "Professional".

Can I switch plans at any time?

Yes. Staffping is a pay-as-you-go service, and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at any time. Click on "Billing" in the menu on your account to change plan.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

There's no contract. Staffping is a pay-as-you-go service, and you can cancel at any time without penalty.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. If you'd like us to accept purchase orders or take any form of offline payment, please contact us at billing@staffping.com

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

No. you can sign up and use Staffping for 14 days without entering your credit card details. At the end of your trial, or when you decide to let us make the first call, you will need to pick a plan and enter your credit card details.

Can I cancel my account at any time?

Yes. If you ever decide that Staffping isn't the best staff calling platform for your business, simply cancel your account from your control panel.

What happens if multiple people confirm a vacant spot?

After a spot is filled, the following people who confirm get waitlisted.

How do I know if this is something for me?

If you are making calls to off-duty staff to fill last-minute or vacant spots, our AI could do all of those calls for you.

Ask us anything, 24/7.Contact us.

It's impossible to call multiple people at the same time.

Let us make all the calls, we'll make sure to reach all your off-duty staff at the same time.

Spend your time off the phone.

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